Shopping Online – you gotta love it!

Shopping online

I love shopping online! But there are some issues when you purchase a product, which include:

• Not knowing when the item will be delivered
• Worried that it might get lost or stolen or delivered to the wrong address
• The dress you’ve ordered is the wrong size and you have to go to the hassle of exchanging or getting a refund
• You have to pay extra for postage, and return postage, if you want a refund/exchange
• And if you do want a refund, you worry if you will get the refund and how long it might take

I am pleased to say that so far I have been very happy with my online purchasing experience, even when I needed a refund for a couple of dresses (out of the numerous that I’ve ordered from this one online store!)

Case in point for this dress-a-holic…

There is one major online UK clothing and accessories store that I absolutely love, and would have no problem buying online from. In fact I’ve purchased several dresses from this site without any problem. I remember one particular weekend I spent 3 hours on a Saturday, perusing every single dress in my size – there were about 1200 styles! – looking for the dresses I wanted. Then I copied the URL address of every one of my favourite dresses into a word document, to be viewed later. Then I spent another hour, or was it two? clicking on every URL address and being in the difficult position of having to narrow down my twenty dresses to a purchaseable-without-breaking-the-budget four! This was extremely difficult and quite a mental dilemma that stressed me out quite a bit!

But no checking into dress-a-holics anonymous , I’m happy to report!

So recently I purchased (from the US equivalent online retailer) two dresses at US size 12 (I was so used to purchasing UK size 12 that I didn’t stop and think that I was actually purchasing a UK size 16). That will teach me to be an impulsive buyer!

Anyway, I needed to either get my money back, or exchange them for the correct size. But they didn’t have the same dresses in a UK size 12 that I wanted, and I didn’t want an exchange with any other dresses, so I read up on their refund policy. All very straight forward. And I returned the item back to sender. Now this particular site, while fantastic to navigate around, didn’t have a customer service number, only an email address, and I was a bit concerned. What if they don’t receive my returned item? What if they don’t refund me? How will I be able to follow this up if I can’t actually speak to anyone?

Thankfully I got my refund without any hassle, and I am very confident now with ordering from this site, knowing that not only do they have choice, choice, choice at fairly reasonable prices, but they have an excellent refund process – I only had to wait two weeks, and not only did I receive email notification that the refund was back on my credit card, but the money did go back onto my credit card.

But was I just lucky?

In any case I have been more than happy with my online purchasing experience. The fact that you can search for anything at all is fantastic. But I also like shopping the old fashioned way – going into a clothing shop, shoe shop, jewellery shop, cosmetics shop etc because it’s so nice to walk away from a shop with something tangible in your hand.

In conclusion

So, yes, I’m an advocate for online shopping – at just the click of mouse you can search for practically anything, and find practically everything – from clothing to jewellery, from electronics to fishing item, from shoes to books – without having to leave your desk, or your home! But I hope there’ll still be a market for retail shops, because at the end of the day, as I’ve already mentioned in my other article Shopping Online – smart shopping there’s something to be said about going into a shop, looking, touching, trying, feeling, that you can’t get online.