The Romance Writing Conference of Australia is Brilliant!

Romance Writing Conference in Australia

Being A romance Writing Conference Newbie

So, I knew that RWA (Romance Writers of Australia) was a fantastic organisation, with so many friendly members all ready to help aspiring and established authors alike, but I had no idea that their annual conference would be so brilliant!

As a newbie to the conference, I was unsure what to expect. I knew I’d gain great knowledge in the writing craft, and would meet my writing buddies and all the other lovely ladies from RWA, but I was blown away by just how awesome the conference was, and how well it was organised. There were about 350 members attending so you can imagine all the hard work and time that would have gone into the organisation and running of it, all those countless workshops to arrange, guest speakers to secure, writing material to publish, gift bags to organise, awards to be made, and so much more. There was even a silent auction with so many different gifts available to bid on, ranging from book packs, to jewellery, to gift baskets, to even a critique by one of the editors from Harlequin UK of someone’s first three chapters, a bid that ended up going for a very high price, but it’s really a priceless service.
Everything ran so smoothly for the whole weekend, and I know everyone got so much out of it, and talk about choice, choice, choice!

Spoilt for Workshop Choice

I wanted to attend all of the workshops, but unfortunately with five workshops in the same timeslot over the Saturday and Sunday, you can only choose one. Such a hard decision. But every workshop I attended was brilliant. I learnt how to pitch to an agent/editor in 5 minutes, I learnt about the importance of having a cracking pace to your story and how to achieve this. I learnt a bit about the online publishing world and how dramatically it’s affecting the industry. I heard about ebooks, kindle, kobo, self-publishing . I learnt about what an agent looks for, writing a Single Title that sells, the life of a Trade Fiction book, and so much more. The information I gained in all of my workshops was invaluable to me.

And then there were the lovely ladies I met!

I finally met my long-time writing buddy and critique extraordinaire Helen Lacey, who has inspired me and given me such invaluable feedback and support over the five years we’ve known each other online. It was totally brilliant to meet her in person, and all the other lovely ladies I know from online groups.

One of the great things about the RWA members is that they are only too happy to help you out in your writing journey, and the level of support and resources and tools available for us through RWA is amazing.

Meeting published authors – one memorable experience I had

So I arrived on the Thursday afternoon and happened to see one of the many RWA authors Bronwyn Jameson. I couldn’t believe it. I was in the middle of reading one of her books in the Ashton Dynasty series and there she was, standing right in front of me! I was so excited, and so I went up to her and told her I was in the middle of reading her book, and how much I love her writing. She just smiled and looked at me as if it was not a big deal. But to me it was, as this was the first author that I’d met since arriving at the conference, and a writer whose book I was currently reading as well.

You could say I was star-struck!

Every experience I’ve had has been wonderful, and I felt incredibly invigorated during the weekend, and even now!

So will I be going to another one?

You betcha!

In fact I am now officially hooked on RWA conferences and will be attending every one if I can!

See you all up at the Gold Coast next year!


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  1. Helen Lacey
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 01:50:32

    Hi Simone
    It was lovely to meet you too and I’m so glad you enjoyed the conference. Meeting authors you’ve read is always a highlight. I’m glad you’ll be coming to the Gold Coast in 2012. See you there 🙂


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