Help for our neglected furry friends

Did you know that it costs $30 to provide a single day’s worth of shelter, medical attention and care for each animal RSPCA rescues?

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So my beautiful Aunty Marloesje passed away from bowel cancer two years ago and was a very big animal lover and supporter of animal charities, one of those being the RSPCA. I wanted to find out what the $5000 donation my Aunty gave to the RSPCA NSW was used for, and had a lovely chat with one of the company’s representatives over the phone who went into detail. I asked if she could put into writing the information so I could share it around. I had no idea that in addition to rescuing neglected, unloved, animals who have suffered cruelty, the RSPCA NSW also have educational programs to try and teach the poorer communities the right way to look after animals. Below is what she said about the programme and I found it very interesting. Hope you do to.

Thank you again for your Aunty’s wonderful support and for your genuine interest in the work of the RSPCA. Though they are not always the most visible, our education and outreach programs work to prevent cruelty and neglect before they occur. Many of our community support programs are designed to assist pet owners to cope with crisis and ensure the wellbeing of their animals. Others help to educate communities about responsible pet ownership and provide subsidised services such as desexing and vaccination. Each program targets a specific demographic and combats a particular social issue. Because we receive just 1% of our funding from government, these programs would simply not be possible without support of generosity from people like your Aunty.

As discussed on the phone, our Community Animal Welfare Scheme team was in Walgett and Lightening Ridge (towards the end of last year), with the aim of desexing approximately 100 animals in five days. At least four times a year the team will travel to local councils in regional remote and aboriginal communities, where residents are very challenged to access and afford veterinary services. Over the program’s ten years in practice, we have seen incredible successes. During the last week of October 2015 we performed our 1,000th surgery in the Walgett/Lightening Ridge area alone!

One of these initiatives costs the RSPCA approximately $20,000 in veterinary staff time, travel and medical supplies (and the $5000 from my Aunty directly went to help support this).
Here is a video made of a trip to Condobolin in 2014, that you may like to share. It’s a great introduction to the program.

We also briefly discussed a great program we’ve been running for four years in Campbelltown. This fantastic partnership between the RSPCA, the Campbelltown Council and the veterinary school at Sydney University provides desexing, education, microchipping, vaccinations, registrations and medical checks at drastically reduced rates for pensioners, and people living on low incomes or disability. It was the first desexing program in metropolitan Sydney and based on its success we just launched another one in the Blue Mountains.

Here’s a great video about that program:

Simone – I hope you find these informative. Thank you again, so much, for your Aunty’s amazing financial support, and your desire to share the importance of initiatives of this type with your circle.

While this information relates to specifically RSPCA NSW, there would no doubt be equivalent programs in all the other states.

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If we contribute even $15 a month to the RSPCA, we can help beautiful animals like Rocky and Harvey (who was trapped in a suitcase!)

Harvey in suitcase


I’ve just signed up to contribute $30 a month because knowing I can help our beloved neglected furry friends who have no-one else to turn to, makes me feel really good. It’s a small difference I can make. Even $15 a month can make a difference.

There are a lot of issues facing the RSPCA that could benefit from our help, some of which are included below:

My sincere thanks to Melanie Parent, Manager – Planned Giving, from RSPCA NSW for giving me such wonderful information, and all the amazing workers and volunteers of RSPCA both in Australia, and all the animal help organisations around the world, who without them, more animals would be sad, in suffering and alone.

Thank you for reading.


Shopping online – smart shopping?

Shopping online – smart shopping?

Walk this way….

So, you’ve got an hour to kill for your lunchbreak, you work near a major shopping centre, and you want to buy something. Do you:

A. Use your iphone to search for what you want and then buy it online?
B. Walk into a shop and browse the array of goodies on display and buy something that way?

It seems that unless you and your iphone are permanently attached at the hip, or you can’t go for an hour without getting your Facebook or Twitter fix, you would choose B. Which makes sense. You can try before you buy, whether it be clothes, cosmetics, jewellery, shoes, handbags. And you can be content knowing that you’ve purchased something you like at a price you were happy to pay. No stress. No paying for postage. Walking out with that item on the same day you bought it. All good.

But can the same be said about online shopping?

The Online’th degree

Now, if you were to order any of these items online, you have all these things to consider:

• How long will the item take to be delivered?
• What if the item gets lost in transit?
• What if it gets stolen?
• What if the clothes or shoes you’ve purchased are the wrong size?
• Or that lipstick is so the wrong shade for you and looked much better on the catalogue model than it does on you?
• Or the jewellery isn’t the quality that you’d been led to believe?

Maybe shopping online isn’t worth it after all?

So you’re not happy with your purchase and you want to get a refund or an exchange. You have these factors to consider:

• You need to pay additional postage costs to return the items (provided you can return them for a refund)
• What if the company doesn’t refund your money?
• What if there’s only an email address you can contact the company on and no contact phone number?
• What if they don’t have the size you want so you can’t exchange? (So you have the refund issues to think about!)
• How long will it take for them to refund your money?
• What if there’s some hidden refund charge you weren’t aware of?

So what turned out initially to be a very stress-free and pleasurable experience turns out to be quite a drama.


You could be so happy with your online purchasing experience that you would buy from that online store/s again.

Convenience and choice

I’ve only had very good experiences when I’ve bought something online, so I’m an advocate for online shopping, as well as the walk in retail experience.
Any negatives of online shopping aside, at just the click of a mouse button you can search for practically anything – from clothes to handbags, shoes to gifts, electronic gadgets to books… The list goes on. You can book an exotic holiday away, look for a property to buy, search for the perfect restaurant to take your special someone, look at wedding venues, and so much more, all online, without having to leave wherever you are, and with just one click, (or a couple), so you’d probably be able to put up with any negatives.

And with the non-online retail sector suffering a bit of a downturn in sales, with the online shopping world so appealing to many customers because it’s fast, convenient shopping right at your fingertips, does this mean there’ll be an end to the walk in, walk out retail shopping experience that many of us grew up with?

My cents worth…

I don’t think it will be the end. At least I hope not. After all, there’s something to be said about going into a shop, looking, feeling, touching, trying, that you can’t get online.

In my opinion, both modes of shopping have their place in the world, and we should shop both ways. I just hope that people will still buy items the old-fashioned way. After all, shopping this way is helping our economy, which in turn is helping all of us.

We’re keeping the bucks here.

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