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Contemporary Romance stories

A Wish On His Lips

After her beloved fiancé mysteriously dies in a plane crash, Sasha Carmichael tries to come to terms with her loss, and certainly never expects to be attracted to another man after only four months.

TV producer Carl Weatherborn is drawn to Sasha, but what if she’s using him, like his ex-girlfriend used him? To protect his heart he has to keep away. But the inevitable happens and they fall in love.

But then Sasha’s fiance comes back into her life, and she’s left with a difficult choice. Does she give up on the love she has with Carl to go back to a life with her long-lost fiancé?

A Kiss Before Dawn

After her beloved grandfather dies, Cara West turns to the one person who could help her deal with her pain – vintage car repairman Mark Rhodes. She just never expects to fall in love with the guy after having recently gotten her heart broken.

Mark Rhodes has fallen for the sexy advertising executive Cara West, but nothing can ever be between them because he is bound by duty and obligation to love another woman, that is until a car crash in the snow changes everything…

Stealing her Heart

Having recently walked out on her husband, Katherine Warner wanted nothing to do with love, so when she meets handsome fisherman Jack Brodie, she does everything she can to avoid him.

But Jack doesn’t take no for answer, determined to put some happiness back in her life. As a result of his persistence, her defences start to crumble, but when she discovers the secret he’s been keeping from her, will the special friendship that’s been building between them, be torn apart forever?

Her Latin Lover

When Scarlet Castle follows sexy restauranteur Gabriel Russo around for her ‘A Week In the Life Of…’ articles, hoping to sell them to a magazine, she thinks it’s a stroke of genius, especially as she also gets to share his bed!

But when the lies she’s told him in the beginning catch up with her, her dream of finally achieving success in her life is shattered, now that Gabriel knows the extent of her lies and learns the truth about who she really is…

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